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Sep2-09, 06:48 PM
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Never lose a good friend through gamesmanship. If it is meant to be (she becomes a GF) it will happen. Hang out, find more reasons to find time together, etc, but NO pressure. It can take a long time before a friend realizes that you are more than a buddy, and becomes attracted to you romantically.

Women are natural-born matchmakers. If they are not romantically interested in you, but they love you as a friend and respect your personal qualities, they will eventually recommend you to a friend and throw you together. Beware! Some of these hook-ups will be designed to benefit one person more than another, so you should wade in carefully. Still, it's nice to have both males and females as close friends - you'll figure this out eventually.
Listen to turbo. Women are natural matchmakers - tell her the type of girl you're looking for and listen to her responses. It sounds as though she knows you well. She might find you the girl of your dreams, or decide you're a keeper. Either way, you win.