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Sep7-09, 08:48 PM
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Without seeing the emails, or at least excerpts from them, no one on this forum can comment on whether the emails are nasty or the critique is indeed over the top. However, have you tried discussing this issue with your teacher, or another member of staff?

Have you tried knocking and waiting for a response before entering her office?

You have spammed your teacher's inbox? You do realise that this probably violates your schools acceptable use policy, leaving you liable to disciplinary action? I say again, have you tried talking to your teacher or another member of staff?.

Well you really know how to make friends, don't you? Let's go to a site with a high proportion of professional scientists and mathematicians and call math teachers anti-social. I can possibly think of any reason why anyone might to a dislike to you ...
I have spammed her email, which means all her emails directly go to spam. I'm not going to mass mail her mailbox, which is what you're thinking.

There are social math teachers at my junior college, and there are weirder ones. The weird ones yell at classrooms full of seven people, and play games, while the normal ones don't have classrooms where you're walking on eggshells.

When I walk into her office hours, when there is no one else in the building, and she is there with another student, she gets very hostile. It was "thoughtless" in the way that I didn't expect her to "bite," (she's normally very comfortable with me) but really, can't someone just communicate "Hey, I'm with here with another student, can you wait outside?" Rather than "WAIT OUTSIDE!" I'm not a loud person, but she gets very odd sometimes.