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Sep7-09, 10:34 PM
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It's really impossible to know if she is acting this way because of something you have done that is disrespectful and she is correcting your rudeness (for example, it sounds like you're just barging into her office without knocking...even during office hours, you should knock before entering, that's just the respectful thing to do) or if there really is a problem.

As Astronuc suggested, the best approach if you cannot talk to her directly about the issue is to arrange a meeting with the department head if you really are sure the behavior is not appropriate and you have given her all due respect to earn respectful behavior back (expect that she may be asked to attend this meeting too...the department head will want to hear both sides of the story too).
Yeah, it's probably that. I don't really know her at all, so she probably just got mad that I didn't knock.

Since that worked so well (I have a hard time figuring out teachers and I think you guys nailed it), I'm having a difficult time understanding this other teacher that's supposed to be writing me a letter of recommendation. He's stopped responding to my emails (I don't really send them that often, but for the last ten emails I've sent over the past five months, he's only responded to one). It's weird because at the beginning of the Spring '09 quarter he was fairly proficient in responding to messages I sent.

I've been thinking all these things like he doesn't think I deserve one, or he doesn't like me, or I've been bothering him too much, or that I stopped going to his office hours when I didn't need his help anymore (and for some reason that bothered him).

Is there a reason a teacher would stop responding to a student's emails for a reason other than a heavy workload?