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Oct5-09, 09:56 PM
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I have a degree from a private VERY liberal arts college and am currently going back for math and physics nearly 10 years after graduating, so I've heard of such a dramatic shift. lol
If you search these boards, you'll see that there is usually a thread at least somewhat along these same lines about once a day.
If you're looking for most probable chance at solid income with just an undergrad degree, Engineering is probably the best bet.
If you're looking for "quickest," you'll probably want to go Engineering too. Not because it will be quick or fact, there is usually a lot of course requirements for a degree, but you can earn a nice income without grad school.
I don't have first hand knowledge, but I have planned for grad school since day one of my return to physics....I don't know that there is much chance at earning good money (actually doing physics) with just an undergrad degree. So don't expect a quick route there.

Also, I'd imagine you would expect it, but succeeding in math and physics at the University level has been exceedingly more difficult than my Kinesiology degree. The material is difficult, the students are smart, and just about everyone is motivated and hard working.
Since there typically ends up being some form of "bell curve" for grading, it is inevitable that many intelligent people that work quite hard end up doing "poorly" in math and physics.
so i thought bell curves help poor students do well.