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Nov25-09, 02:33 PM
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We are missing loads of genes. For example, the genes who gives you the patience to storm stores for 3 hours searching for a dress, then cross back in the opposite side of the city to the first store, and buy the very first dress you tried in the that day.

But we are cute and considerate and pay for the dress, so we really do deserve a break for our efforts :P
Even I'm missing that gene. I think my sister got a double dose though! That is one thing my boyfriend and I get along VERY well about...neither of us "shops." We BUY. In other words, we don't go to a store unless we know exactly what we are going for, head straight to that department, buy it, and get out. None of that running all over town looking for a bargain while spending twice as much in gas for the few dollars difference in cost between the first and last store.

Surprisingly, I'm the one with more tolerance for dirt and clutter than my boyfriend. Then again, we differ on cleaning approaches. I sort of go for the whirlwind of cleaning once a month approach, while he goes for the hire a housekeeper approach. I'm a bit torn on the housekeeper idea. While I LOVE the idea of someone else doing the cleaning for me, I'm not so in love with the idea of going on a scavenger hunt for my own belongings after the housekeeper has put things away. He does know how to clean, and does leave the seat down. Though, then I'd drive him mad by also always putting the lid down. Having a cat who likes to drink from the toilet rather than her water dish has changed my perspective a bit. Currently, I just leave the lid up, but when she was in that stage when she'd dunk her toys in the toilet water and splash the seat while retrieving them, for a while I was the one who left the seat up just so it wouldn't be sopping wet with toilet water when I needed it. I think that may be the only reason he likes my cat.

I'm laughing at the whole "paying for the dress" part. It's been a while since my boyfriend has bought me anything. The last time he bought me something was over a year ago when he sent me flowers because I got a new job (same university, new department). I honestly don't mind, because our relationship isn't built on buying stuff for one another. But, just this week, we were talking about vacations and lifestyles, and spending habits, and amidst all of it, I commented that it would be nice to be spoiled with first class tickets to go some place warm and tropical for vacation (he ALWAYS travels first class...mostly because he always has enough frequent flyer miles with his business travel for it). He said I didn't like being spoiled so he didn't do it. I about died laughing. Whenever he does something nice, I thank him and tell him he doesn't HAVE to do that for me. And, it's true, it's not something I expect or demand. But, I had to explain to him that I certainly don't MIND if he does nice things for me, and I certainly do LIKE it when he spoils me, I just would never be so superficial as to expect it or demand it or require it. I mean, really, who doesn't enjoy being spoiled rotten by their significant other?