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Dec5-09, 08:01 PM
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Crossing the Event Horizon of a Black Hole

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Where in the book do you find this claim? On its face, it seems patently false, and also there is no reference frame for the velocity given. Do you have more info? I have the book right here for reference.
From "Exploring Black Holes" by Taylor and Wheeler, as I said in the original post. Pages 3-14 onwards talk about the speed of the "particle" as approaching the speed of light as measured by shell observers outside of the event horizon and at the bottom of page 3-15 we find
At the reduced Circumference r=8M or four times the Schwarzschild radius (2M) the particle falling from rest at infinity is moving inward at half the speef of light, as witnessed by shell observers. As the particle crosses the event horizon at r=2M, nearby shell observers record it as moving at the speed of light...