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Dec6-09, 10:31 AM
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Let meput this another way. Let's say you have an android whose cybernetic brain reproduces the calculations of the human brain. Would it be consciouss (in the sense of possesing subjective self awareness)? Why or why not? Is some form of organic materil required? Is it the electrical activity? Is it some intrinsic property of information complexity?
We know that stimulating certain rod and cone cells produce sensations of vision. Would stimulating these cells without connection to the striate cotex producs "units" of subjective visual experience? What i the subjectiven entity that would experience such? Would adding the striate alone help? Or is the whle brain necessary? What is the cutoff line between subjective experienc and no subjective experience?
And directly to the point, why is it necessary at all? The subjective "am" of cogito ergo sum does not seem to be necessary in an immediate sense to the function of the brain. A computer does not require subjective perception to function. Do you see what I mean?