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Have heard something I haven't?

But Qsa, that is not the topic. Debate is not the same things as religion. We are considering the future course of human religions.

Debate, more often disorganized spontaneous discussion, mythologizing, idle speculation, burping, farting, and story telling will no doubt continue as usual. That is not the same thing as religion. It's not the issue.

Let's focus on the history, nature and future of religion. It's a curious widespread custom, which normally involves fantastic lies. It gives us certain emotional and spiritual vitamins that most of us need. What will happen? I think that is what the OP Snoopie asked about. Will it always be with us, and what might it look like a millennium from now?
Is it constrained by the human genetic makeup? Probably not, more likely constrained by our forms of family and social life, by our experience as social animals (which could change.) Of course even our genetic makeup could change. We could collectively get stupider or smarter, for example, we could diverge into more than one species, in the long run. But I don't want to consider that.

Assuming we don't change biologically and keep on living in cities, what are the different directions in which religion might evolve?
Of course, when I said close I did not mean next few years, more like Tegmark’s 50 years prediction, that is very short time in human history scale. I have not read anything from most distinguished scientist that is not optimistic in that sense.
Who would have thought 500 years ago that we would be sending probes to the edge of the solar system, if you have told anybody that at that time you would have been shot(more like burned) on site! You cannot predict technology.

As for religion, you know, humans do not debate for the sake of it, typically it translates into actions, and I guess I was not clear but that is what I meant. Religion does not exist in a vacuum, humans use any tool at their disposal to justify their actions, and the animalistic instinct for survival is alive and well. Animal do not have religion, yet they fight tooth and nail. The communists did not believe in god, but they used that believe to prop up their state (survival again).
My point is that based on our present knowledge that allows some distinguished scientists to speculate that simulation might be possible and hence the status of god becomes also possible. The concept of god has its roots strongly in our ignorance as to how existence came to be, but even if that is solved, then we are again will be haunted by the simulation issue. It is not a psychological issue it is a conceptual issue, in the first place. And the rest follows(as an excuse). Religion just like anything else that exists, you can use it for good or for killing people, electing presidents and million other bad things

Let us say tomorrow a theory is confirmed that no god and no simulation of existence is possible, would humans calm down. I doubt it; they will find something to fight about, and no shortage of excuses,and now no restraint (defintion of religion). If humans are to become true humans, they must get rid of their animalistic instinct, somehow.