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Jul12-04, 09:26 AM
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One would not wish to get the kind of fortune revealed in your Mystic Message from Beyond. You have had some bad luck in the Past, and there is More to Come: You will be Unlucky in Love soon. A new Friend proves Unworthy, Deceitful, and Cruel. Your heart will tell you to Sit at a Strange Table and take a Chance, but this will Cost you Plenty. Beware a Letter. Beware a Dark-Haired Stranger.

On the Positive Side, you will gain Wealth in your Work. Your Boss will be a Light-Compleckted Woman.

Your Lucky Gemstone is not a gemstone; it is Revealed to be a Piece of Blue Beachglass. Find such an item and place it in your pocket.

Your Personal Tree is Maple Tree, indicating you are unusual, original, reserved, proud, seeking new experiences, a quick learner, have a tendency to have a complicated Love Life, and must watch your Ego. Keep a piece of Maple hung by your Front Door wherever you Reside.