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Jul12-04, 11:36 AM
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The Mystic Message is clear in One Area Especially: A Dark-compleckted Older Man many years ago give you a grave disappointment and did not Support a Dream. Let Go. This is not your most Pressing Problem, however: A Young Dark-haired Man, who has been to your House many times, is practising a Deceit upon you. Beware.

You are clever in what you do, and you will soon receive much more money in your Work, but your Heart is not in it. A Light-Haired Woman attempts to do you Harm through a Letter.

You will soon receive Good News that you will initially think is Bad News. There is soon a New Member of your Family, Un-looked For.

Your backwards name has thrown a Veil over much of your fortune. This stands out: A Rare Chance will soon occur. It will Require a Move. Do Not consult Others as to your Decision; their agenda is not Yours.

Your Lucky Gemstone is actually the Pearl. Wear a Single Large Pearl on a hairthin chain at the hollow of your throat. Wear Pearls upon both hands at Christmas. Your Personal Tree is the Hazelnut: You are charming, have a sense of humor, are Very Demanding but Generous at Times, Make Lasting Impressions upon Men, Active in fighting for Social Causes, Moody, sexually oriented (sorry, that's what is Revealed), have a Precise sense of Judgment and expect Fairness in Others but Rarely Receives It. Never Eat A Hazelnut, but place one on the highest shelf in your home.