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Feb5-10, 09:41 AM
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Did you notice that turbo also has a collection of vinyl?
You only see a small portion of it, dlg! I have some pretty nice ones, including Captain Beyond's first offering with the lensatic image, Buckingham and Nicks' trial album, Pure Prairie League's first (never released on CD, and I have two copies), and some pretty rare stuff by Johnny Winter, Larry Coryell, etc. There's other hard-to-find stuff by the Strawbs, and flash guitarist works by performers like Guy Van Duser, etc.

Edit: I've also got some nice stuff by the Mills Brothers, Ink Spots, etc from the albums that my great-uncle gave to my mother when I was just a pup. He sold his house, and kept just a small apartment that he had built there. He kept a portable RCA 45 rpm record player and gave my mother his console-sized record-player with tuner. I probably drove her to distraction playing our limited selection of records over and over, but she never complained. When I went on to play trumpet, harmonica, guitar, etc, she was appreciative and proud. My mother played a small-scale Hohner harmonica when I was a kid, and for a while my uncle lived with us and he was transitioning from guitar to banjo, so there was a lot of music around.