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Feb14-10, 11:21 PM
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Do you seriously believe that a drugged and demented brain that's on the very verge of death can be trusted to produce reliable observations? Even normal brains often hallucinate. Most people don't realize, during dreams, that they're dreaming because dreams seem so real and vivid. A person near death can easily assume that his dream was real, especially if it conforms to his religious beliefs, whereas the same dream would have been dismissed as a dream if it happened on a regular night.
To be fair, I know that there are some cases of people allegedly describing the ER or operating room, the people in the room, the operating instruments, etc, when they shouldn't have been able to do so; and even events that occurred when they were technically brain dead. But proper references are still required. I don't know if any of these claims are published in a proper paper. In the event that these are only stories coming from medical workers, or claims made in unpublished papers, the claims would be purely anecdotal.