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Feb17-10, 01:01 AM
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Hello, I am in desperate need of advice. I have a friendship in which I believe I am being taken advantage of. Last fall I met a girl through a class we shared together. I thought she was very nice, and I helped her with math every week. Of course at the time she had a boyfriend, so I wasn't thinking about this friendship in a relationship kind of way. However, more and more I grew closer to her and when she finally broke up with her boyfriend I thought maybe she would be open to something with me. I talked to her every day during this period trying to console her, not being explicit in my intentions, but not covert either. She didn't react to this, so I thought that maybe she was just not over the past relationship. However, one day she invited me to lunch with her friends, and all they discussed is who she thought was cute, or wanted to be in a relationship with. Revealing that she was quite over the effects of the breakup, she mentioned a guy who she had hooked up with a few days before. After this, I was a little bit shocked that I was invited to her lunch just to be presented with something a little hurtful. Now I felt like I was being a nice guy. I immediately de-friended her on my Facebook account, as a sign of anger, but quickly regretted it and refriended her. This is my problem; I feel like I am being taken advantage of here as a nice guy, and that her inviting me to lunch only to discuss her next boyfriend was intentionally hurtful to me; however she is one of the few friends I have at college, and I have had some very good times with her. I feel like ending this friendship would be horrifically painful, and I would end up severely depressed. However, I am still very displeased with how this is going, I don't want to be taken advantage of, and this relationship is currently hurting me emotionally. Does somebody have any idea of what to do? Right now, my solution is keeping my conversations with her short and ignoring invitations to do other things with her. Please someone help, this is hurting me terribly right now.
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