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Feb17-10, 04:13 PM
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no no no, ok, look at my last post. I can very easily get over my feelings. BUT, my time is valuable. Here is an example of what I mean, if someone wanted to talk to me for 30 minutes about stamps or something else really boring, I'd leave. I want my time to be valuable to her too, and that means not boring me or at least engaging me. I mean, do you really think I give a about this stuff? In that way, it is disrespectful, of my time.
Her time is valuable to her as well. I doubt all the things that you consider worthwhile are important to her personally, just as many of her thoughts aren't important to you. Sometimes being a friend means reciprocating. The things your friends like to say and do should have value to you if you enjoy their friendship.

I don't believe your explanation for not wanting to hear what she has to say. You say her interest in men is of no interest to you, but it also seems clear that you want her to be interested in you in the same way she describes of other men. It smells more like jealousy, and the non-reciprocity you express in your explanation is self-sabotage. It appears that you strongly desire her interest for yourself, but you don't want to express your interest in her.

I haven't read anything in your explanation that makes her seem disrespectful at all. However, you seem very demanding of her without even being explicit with your intentions. So... be explicit, or stop being demanding.