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Mar21-03, 11:02 AM
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As The News Says , US AirFighters killed 2 Civilians and wonded more than 50 Civilians ...
How many Iraqi civilians die on a daily basis due to the oppression of Saddam? The net effect of this conflict will SAVE civilian lives.
US government says that Iraqi poeple wants to get free of the dictator leader , and they hate him , so the brave ( duhh! ) US And English army are here to free the poeple from this bad leader ...
If that's their reason , then I have something to suggest .
Why don't China invade USA to help it's poeple to get rid of their bad leader G.W. Bosh ... since most of the poeple hate him , then China should do the same with The US ...
I covered this in another thread, but the answer is so simple people don't see it. The US simply doesn't have the means to launch an invasion of China, so we don't. We fight battles we can win. If we lose, we don't help anyone.

Obviously there is some denial going on here.
"Denial" is one word that fits. I have a stronger word in mind that also starts with the letter "d"...