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Mar21-03, 11:02 AM
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Originally posted by Lifegazer
What bothers me here, is that I see evidence (from the posters) for George's comparable goodness as a justification of his actions.
But that's not good enough really. "I'm better than you: therefore, my actions are all justified.", does not follow. That's why it's a meaningless argument (with Staii) to discuss the merits of each leader. It doesn't prove anything anyway.
You have a point.
Originally it is meaningless to discuss such a thing.
But it seems that the people on the forum see that this war should happen because Saddam is a bad person, and we should get rid from him.
What i was pointing is that Bush is bad too, so why don't we get rid of him too (by making a war on US ?).
(so mainly, it is not me that has the idea of the comparison of leaders, this came up because people are justifying this war by the badness of Saddam)
What i was trying to justify is that this war is not because Saddam is a bad person, or because US really cares about Iraqis and want to make a better life for them, and not because Iraq has mass destruction weapons (which is something that didn't show till now, if they had any, wouldn't they use them ?), it is only because US and UK need economy, money, market, and oil !