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Mar21-03, 11:10 AM
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Originally posted by Greg Bernhardt
Obviously there is some denial going on here.
Did you ever live in Iraq ?
Did u ever even met an Iraqi ?
You (those who never had real contact with the situation) only watch it on TV, and say it is bad.
Iraq is the only country in the region that respects science and scientists (before it was ruined in 1991).
Iraq is the first place to have an electronic microscope in the middle east.
And there are other facts.
I am not saying that he did not kill anyone, he killed lot of people.
But he made some kind of rules, if you don't go against those, you are living in a real heaven.
And before 1991 there was no hungry Iraqi, and no poor Iraqi too !

Alot of people like Bush, I am one, and most people can atleast tolerate him. Bush works in a democracy which doesn't allow him to throw people into meat grinders and bomb thousands with chemical weapons.
So, back to my point.
I think this democracy was in the US constitution since it started, so how come US simply called all those Japaneese in WW II.
Doesn't give you this an idea that US does not respect any thing ?
It throughs people in grinders, bombs MILLIONS of people, not thousands !