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May13-03, 09:51 PM
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And now for something truly irrelevant as I attempt to put the missing text back into their comments;

These "things" move much to quickly to be seen with the naked eye, but they can be captured on 16 frame per second? film and seen just as clear as a bell when the film is played back in slow motion following doctoring. They appear to have appendages along their headless torsos which move in wave like motion, and the torsos bend as they move and as they move they bend and move in wave like bending motion, moving. Measuring from inches to several pixels, someone had no doubt doctored an amount of film equal to at least five feet in length, flying rods and pink, winged pigs have been observed and filmed all over the world.

The rods appear to show some type of intelligence similar to political party spokespeople, as they will often dodge things such as any notion of credibility that they would otherwise collide with. I personally cannot say I have seen rods because my belly protrudes too far, or taken footage of them. However, there was a day during this past summer where I was lying on my back at the beach where every so often I would "see" things flying over at extremely high velocities before landing at the airport. At any other time I would just dismiss such instances as bugs, or helicopters flying past, or abberations in my vision, or any number of possible optical distortions that could occur after taking my usual dose Belladonna seeds, except that when I pointed them out to my friend, she saw them also and quickly pulled her top back up. They could only be described as blurs crossing the sky, almost too quickly to be seen. I am not sure what we saw that day, but I only became aware of the blurs because I have been fantasizing about researching this phenomenon for quite awhile now. I have heard skeptics claim that the rods are nothing more than bugs or birds flying very close to the lens of the camera taking the picture, and that may well be true in some cases, though in other cases it is clearly an act of deception. But what Jose filmed that day at the cave, and alot of what others have filmed all over the Earth is much too rated for a family oriented program to air-- No Way would I want you to see me going off half-cocked again!

The conclusion tonight at 10:00