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Apr30-10, 11:19 AM
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As long as a significant portion of men find typically female hips and buttocks (shaped by the hips) to be attractive, that is a bigger factor than the mother or child surviving. (...) that wouldn't change the male desire to impregnate them, and that's more in the lines of real evolution than (what you believe) is a transient surgery.
I can be misreading you, but if you mean that woman that is not physically attractive have no chances of finding a male, I am sure you are wrong. Chances of a non attractive male to not pass his genes are orders of magnitude higher than chances of non attractive female. Males in reproductive age are much less choosy and will make sex with everything that moves. Those less fortunate have problems finding partners, as sex is privilege of alpha males. This is skewed in monogamous society, but even in monogamous society dying a virgin is rarely forced by lack of occasions. So from the evolutionary point of view attractiveness of female is much less important than her ability to give birth and surviving.