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May22-10, 05:59 AM
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Fast-forward to a few weeks ago which should put it around 2 months later. I was over her place and while she was showing me stuff on her facebook I noticed how often this guy appeared to be chatting to her again. I checked her phone and while there were only a few inbox messages from him, there were a whole lot more outbox messages to him. Obviously she had deleted selected texts from her inbox.
But she says she deleted them because I would get angry with it. Well, she's right about that.
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Let's see, who would I pick, the nice, quiet shy guy who sends me sweet pictures, or the one "enforcing" this or that, and telling me I couldn't do this or that? Yeah, I'd pick the quiet one too.
I guess it depends on how many sweet pictures he's sending each day. There really isn't enough info to know how often the two of the them are talking/texting/etc.

How many "sweet pictures" do friends send each other each week, or do they usually do that on a daily basis? How many texts do they usually send each other each day? (That might be quite a bit considering how much time young people spend texting people.)