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SW VandeCarr
Aug14-10, 03:13 PM
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It's probably not worth all this fuss, but I am simply illustrating my point that your link is pretty poor and certainly not authoritative, if it does not even list the most common form of the present tense. No offence.
OK. First, you're not saying it's wrong, are you? After all, it's English! I know for a fact that British English uses constructions like "If she have said it, it must be correct." It may not be common even in the UK, but it's the Queen's English.

As for completeness, why should it be complete? The progressive is an aspect, not a tense although it's often referred to as a tense. It replicates tenses in constructions like "I have gone." with "I have been going". The table doesn't replicate tenses in the passive voice either. Your criticism only makes sense it you can find a mistake in the table. Where's the mistake?

This wiki article has some editorial suggestions, but it was recommended to me for this rather arcane topic (which is what interests the OP and is the topic of this thead). It confirms my earlier thoughts about the English "conjunctive"