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Aug19-10, 10:39 PM
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I'd be lying to say that I wasn't attracted to specific attributes of the female anatomy. But I honestly believe that it depends particularly on the person carrying those attributes.

There's such a thing as femininity--an authentic outward expression of womanliness--I think. That's what's attractive to me.

Femininity is not weakness OR overbearing-ness (as machoism often is); it isn't even necessarily gentle. I think it's just a positive assertion on the part of woman.

I would never--on my life--ask my girlfriend to cook, or clean up after me. Personally: I imagine women hate men like that; and I would not think it an obvious outward expression of love, on my part, to expect my wife do anything for me, either. If anything, as a man, when you really love some else, you'd want to serve them yourself; not be served.

But, my Jayne, she insisted sometimes on doing certain things (like preparing me a meal); and I realize now, that maybe that was a sort of nonverbal message to me, of her asserting herself as my Woman. I would even go so far as to say, that it was meant sexually.

It was something she happened to know how to do (and to do well, as a matter of fact); and she did it for me, because she knew I needed her to (because it wasn't something I've had a lot of practice with, to that point). She was saying "I love you; and by making this, I'm taking care of you."

She was always very proud of her abilities; which were numerous. That I think was what was most feminine about her.

She would say things like: "I'm good at this...let me show you how to do it;" or else, she would simply do whatever it was that she excelled at, to show you. She taught me a lot of math. And in everything she did, somehow, it always felt like her showing me how good and strong a woman she was.