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Sep14-10, 02:55 PM
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Its totally normal. And frankly what kind of a guy turns down a girl? That is just not a guy thing to do.
You know there's such a thing as standards, something tells me the girl doesn't physically do it for whez, but that's just my guess.

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so if you think it would hurt her? Still let her know how you feel. but let her down easy. hm... this is hard! so I would start by not going out with her just the two of you - cos if its just you two together having lunch or drinks after work, then she might think its a date, and that you like her. so avoid this. and maybe try to hang out with her less: like if you get the same bus, go get a different bus, if you eat together, dont. try to limit your interactions to very casual ones, or totaly work/school related ones - so like dont ask her too much about herself, her personal life... cos when you do that you are sending out 'i'm interested in you' signals which she might interpret as 'i like you'. Hopefully over time she might get the message, or just meet someone else.
You know, that's a **** move nuclear. I mean honestly there's a difference between politely declining a meeting and just avoiding the person which isn't cool because then you're the one that's making things awkward by essentially ignoring the person, don't be surprised if the person doesn't want to remain friends after that stunt.

If you were really someone's friend, you wouldn't just cut them out of your life without working on the problem.