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Aug18-04, 09:51 PM
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Zoobyshoe, where does your information come from?
The two papers by Waxman and Geschwind, The book Seized by Eve LaPlante, a television show featuring the ideas of, and interviews with, neurologist V. Ramachandran, and extensive conversations with people with all forms of E, (mostly on the net but some in person.)
I happen to be epileptic, grand mall seizures, and agree to a great extent with what you have written.
Do you have generalized or secondarily generalized grand mals? In the latter case a temporo-limbic focus can manifest all the same post-ictal emotional dynamics. Alot of people with grand mals don't have these post-ictal emotional dynamics at all, though. I don't think these latter ever get much limbic involvement. Complex partials almost always have limbic involvement. Do you experience an aura?
I wonder if any research has also shown similar results with PTSD, in a sense, varifying the age old addage that there are no atheists in fox holes.
I'm not aware of any, but I haven't done any research on PTSD, just picked up bits and pieces about it. Off the top of my head, though, it seems there would be a qualitative difference between religious feelings based on seeing an excess of meaning in all details, and religious feeling based on fear of your life, as in a fox hole.