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May20-03, 07:07 PM
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Originally posted by Kerrie
thanks for the clarification, it is difficult to find any information in astrology regarding the constellation opiucus because constellations actually have NOTHING to do with astrology except to just give a name for common understanding...
Yes, I'd like to second the thank you for everyone's input on this.

It is clearer where the idea of a 13th constellation comes from for me.

Yes, Kerrie, the constellations simply provide a reference point for an astrologer. Thank you! I am told that a certain book store has an ancient book that pertains to the Physics of Astrology. When I finally get to it... (in Constantinoples)... I'll try to read it and decifer it and report back to this location.

The Physics of Astrology is the next thread and I'll put it up now. Mind you... I'll have nothing to say about it... just hoping someone has some of that sort of information on it... you know... the quantum/chaos/string/relativity aspect of the physical universe and its dynamic effect on the living organism we all lovingly refer to as humans!!!