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Here are some QG links that have been useful to have handy. Last time I updated the list was in July 2010. You can look back a few posts to the July list to find some which for brevity's sake have been omitted here.

Possible "textbook" resources:
Rovelli Upadhya (easy)
Rovelli Gaul (just relevant parts, short spinfoam section pp 43-46)
Baez handwritten lecture notes on spin networks/foams
Doná Speziale Introductory lectures to loop quantum gravity
Bojowald textbook (to be released) "Canonical GR and applications"
Renate Loll 3-week course at Perimeter, Intro to Quantum Gravity:
Baez on spinfoams (see especially pages 1-4 and 33,34)
Lewandowski et al on spinfoams

To find out about conferences and workshops, "hyperspace" at the AEI site:
The Nottingham QG network:

Some links to conferences etc.
May 23-28, 2011: Loops 11 conference in Madrid

June 2009 PlanckScale conference video and slides:
Workshops at Ashtekar's Penn State IGC:
Online International LQG Seminar:
November 2009 Asymptotic safety conference at Perimeter:
AsymSafe conference videos:
February 2010 Oberwolfach workshop on Noncommutative Geometry and LQG ("Loops, Algebras, Spectral Triples"):
March 2010, Zakopane QG workshop (QGQG = quantum geometry/gravity):
July 2010 Stockholm workshop on the experimental search for QG:
Photos from the first Loops conference, at Marseille 2004:

Loop papers from 2007-present (currently 500 or more papers) ranked by citation count:
(keywords "spin, foam", "field theory, group", "quantum gravity, loop space", and "quantum cosmology, loop space"):

Classic online sources.
Review of LQG as of May 2008:
Bianchi Rovelli Vidotto, Towards Spinfoam Cosmology:
Rovelli April 2010 paper, A new look at loop quantum gravity:
Rovelli's talk at Strings 2008 Video:
2003 draft of Rovelli's book online:
Rovelli's chapter in Oriti's book:
Penrose circa-1970 papers introducing spin-networks
Baez notes on spin networks and spinfoams
Weinberg's 6 July 2009 talk, main CERN link:
Weinberg video (historical overview up to minute 58 followed by
no-frills approach to unification in the last 12 minutes):

Recent progress in Lqg and Gft:
Livine's 17 February 2010 talk, A review of Spinfoams and Group Field Theory:
Related paper by Girelli Livine Oriti, 4d Deformed Special Relativity from Group Field Theories:
Bianchi Magliaro Perini Coherent spin-networks
Bianchi Magliaro Perini Spinfoams in holomorphic representation
Bianchi Regoli Rovelli, Face amplitude of spinfoam QG:
Alesci Rovelli, A regularization of the hamiltonian constraint compatible with the spinfoam dynamics:
Rovelli Speziale, On the geometry of LQG on a graph:
Ding Rovelli, Physical boundary Hilbert space and volume operator in the Lorentzian new spin-foam theory:
Geloun Gurau Rivasseau on LQG Spinfoam Group Field Theory
Lewandowski et al Gravity quantized
Bianchi Doná Speziale Polyhedra in LQG (quantum polyhedra as intertwiners)

Thermal time
Rovelli Smerlak, Thermal time and the Tolman-Ehrenfest effect: temperature and the "speed of time":
Connes Rovelli 1994 Thermal time paper
Rovelli 2009 Time essay

Unimodular Gravity
Smolin Unimodular loop quantum gravity and the problems of time
Ellis Murugan van Elst The gravitational effect of the vacuum
Smolin's Abhayfest talk
Chiou Geiller Unimodular Loop Quantum Cosmology
Smolin The quantization of unimodular gravity and the cosmological constant problem
Bianchi Rovelli Why all these prejudices against a constant? (contrasting viewpoint)

Selected longshots:
Julian Barbour Conformal superspace: configuration space of GR
Matilde Marcolli et al, Spin Foams and Noncommutative Geometry:
Kirill Krasnov Deformations of General Relativity:
Lisi Smolin Speziale, Unification of gravity, gauge fields, and Higgs bosons:
Vincent Rivasseau at the 2009 Perimeter AsymSafe conference:
Ted Jacobson at the 2009 Perimeter HorGrav conference:
Ted Jacobson Thermodynamics of Spacetime: The Einstein Equation of State:
Ted Jacobson Introduction to Quantum Fields in Curved Spacetime and the Hawking Effect:
Erik Verlinde On the Origin of Gravity and the Laws of Newton:
Lee Smolin, Newtonian gravity in loop quantum gravity:
Modesto Randono Entropic corrections to Newton's law
Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman, Note on gravity, entropy, and BF topological field theory:
Easson Frampton Smoot, Entropic Accelerating Universe:
Chamseddine Connes, Noncommutative Geometry as a Framework for Unification of all Fundamental Interactions including Gravity. Part I:
Smolin and Unger presentation at Laws of Nature workshop{ }:

A list of QG researchers worldwide, mostly LQG but some other:
Francesca's LQG world map:

Selected outreach links from IGC (Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos) with a section of recent (2006-2010) popular articles:

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