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Oct1-10, 11:49 AM
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What would it be like if a mad scientific genius in real life would cosplay as a fictional mad scientist/wizard? They would probably be the best actor at the convention and get the best cosplay. It would be cheap because they already have lab coats and they are already in character.

On another note, how popular are mad scientists/wizards in the public's opinion? Do people think it is impressive to be a mad scientist/wizard and do whatever it takes to advance science or magic irregardless of the toll on human life? Is it impressive to commit mass murder just to test a brand new weapon or spell of mass destruction? Is it impressive to flaunt one's scientific genius through cosplay? Post your answers here.

By the way, the mad scientists or wizards have become quite common villains in many narratives from various countries and here are some examples of these characters. The one thing that magic and science have in common is that they both make attempts at controlling the forces of the universe which are believed to be impersonal and inanimate even though the methods used by magicians and scientists are different. And that is what the mad scientists and wizards have in common: the desire to do anything to gain knowledge and control over the universal forces.


Dr. Doom
Dr. Steel
Dr. Robotnik


Captain Nemo
Dr. Rotwang
Dr. Frankenstein
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Dr. Yun
Dr. Mandarin
Dr. Hojo
Dr. Adlai
Dr. Fu Manchu
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