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Oct31-10, 06:52 PM
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This is old so I'm just going from basics here. Some mobiles automatically switch to available mobile views.

The button at the bottom *may* just be altering the URL to the normal PF one and not the mobile one you are currently on. If the phone automatically goes to the mobile version it will see you trying to access PF via the normal address and switch to the mobile version (something of a nasty loop). However, this is an issue with the phone not the system. I can turn off mobile view on my phone so the mobile doesn't attempt to use mobile versions of pages. If I view the mobile version of the site, and then disable mobile view in settings and then hit the "view normal version" at the bottomn, it displays the normal version of the page.

I hope you can understand what I've said there. I think most phones give you the choice of either disabling mobile view or entering the non-mobile url. It sounds like you have a setting which automatically uses mobile versions. Check if you can disable this, if not, then I'm afraid there's nothing you can do to remedy the problem. Based on it working for me, it isn't an issue with the mobile version of PF.