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Nov9-10, 05:26 PM
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Obviously the return isn't linear, because NIF's goal is to attain fusion ignition, a chain reaction which fuses the pellet (or a large portion of it) into Helium. Apparently it is expected that the current hohlraum design will result in a 20 MJ fusion energy release.

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... 1.8 MJ is left after conversion to UV, and about half of the remainder is lost in the x-ray conversion in the hohlraum. Of the rest, perhaps 10 to 20% of the resulting X-rays will be absorbed by the outer layers of the target.[18] The shockwave created by this heating absorbs about 140 kJ, which is expected to compress the fuel in the center of the target to a density of about 1,000 g/mL (or 1,000,000 kg/m);[19]. It is expected this will cause about 20 MJ of fusion energy to be released.[18]