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Nov12-10, 10:41 PM
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From the cited paper, this is what I saw quite some time ago [probably around 2002 or 2003]. I have mentioned it but was never able to find a valid reference for this work.

The trend is exemplified by several recent “presentiment” experiments, pioneered by Radin (1997), in which physiological indices of participants’ emotional arousal were monitored as participants viewed a series of pictures on a computer screen. Most of the pictures were emotionally neutral, but a highly arousing negative or erotic image was displayed on randomly selected trials. As expected, strong emotional arousal occurred when these images appeared on the screen, but the remarkable finding is that the increased arousal was observed to occur a few seconds before the picture appeared, before the computer has even selected the picture to be displayed. The presentiment effect has also been demonstrated in an fMRI experiment that monitored brain activity (Bierman & Scholte, 2002) and in experiments using bursts of noise rather than visual images as the arousing stimuli (Spottiswoode & May, 2003). A review of presentiment experiments prior to 2006 can be found in Radin (2006, pp. 161–180). Although there has not yet been a formal meta-analysis of presentiment studies, there have been 24 studies with human participants through 2009, of which 19 were in the predicted direction and Feeling the Future 5 about half were statistically significant. Two studies with animals are both positive, one marginally and the other substantially so (D. I. Radin, personal communication, December 20, 2009)...