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Dec13-10, 09:18 PM
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Unless you are some incredibly high-value guy
What do you mean by: "unless."

Girls often want to deny culpability ... SHE didn't do it, he kissed her. And so on.
Again, I didn't mean to imply it was something ideal. But the topic of this thread is literally "have you seen an attractive woman, walked to her, and started a conversation?" I believe my post was both pertinent and informational.

I also find that instead of asking for a number, handing a girl your phone and saying: "Here, put your number in there so I have it for later" actually works better. Also, if you get a number, I usually send a stupid text really quickly, like: "Who's that cute guy you're talking to?" It guarantees that your number is in her phone and it opens the route to casual texting.

Like it or not, people over 30, texting is a significant form of communication now.