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Dec25-10, 07:07 PM
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Then you seem to think that a weaker acid makes a stronger acid less acidic. No: the vinegar would have practically only the effect of the same volume of water. Apart from that effect, two acids together are more acid than either alone, not something in between.
Hm, this sentence confuses me. The extra volume of water would *definitely* dilute the acid. In other words, it would raise the pH. So if you added vinegar instead of water, you would still raise the pH (since the volume of vinegar would probably be a good fraction of the total volume of stomach acid, and since the vinegar is usually well-diluted anyways) of the whole solution - just not as much as if you just added water? (but still more than adding nothing at all?) There would be far more neutral water molecules with the extra addition, and just a few more hydronium ions (and the ratio of them would just decrease)