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Jan14-11, 09:49 PM
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OK...this is a silly question, but it was something I was wondering about since I saw it a week or so ago.

Let me just preface this with that I live in Michigan, USA. I do not know the co-ordinates of the area, but I assume that is enough information to answer this remedial question.

Anyways, While out the other night I saw a half moon that was sideways. By this I mean the visible "lighted" side of the moon was the bottom half, rather than the left, or right half. It was nearly at an 180 degree angle from my vantage point. I have never seen this before at all and have lived in this area for 20+ years.

Anything interesting about this anyone could tell me?
I actually thought i was the only one, i saw the moon exactly how you desribed it and I live in New York. So I thought it was just one of those things that happen and they are amazing. I just couldnt think of a scientific explanation for it. I dont even think the scientists and astronomers noticed this natural phenomonon. But its good to know that someone else saw it too. :)