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Feb9-11, 03:51 PM
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I would like to point out something that I have not seen mentioned here yet. Many of the women that now are considered HOT, are UGLY (IMHO). They just have good facial structure, and symmetry.

Do you find the woman on the left to be HOT?

How about the woman on the right?

If I were a male, I wouldn't touch those two with a ten foot pole.

Would you? And why?

If they aren't pretty without their makeup, why are they considered so hot with heavy makeup?
I'm a guy, and I can't stand the "worked on" look, but even among friends there are a lot of guys who think that fitting more saline into a woman's breasts should be medicine's top priority.

Really, I don't look at that and see "hot", I see surgery and dye; that is not universally hot, just one very limited view of what is. The essential symmetries and features (which are exaggerated here) are the same, it's just a new way of dressign them up.

btw, why is Anderson making a scornful expression in that pic?