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Mar27-11, 02:47 PM
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We didnt have virtual simulators for this. We had pre-designated normal and emergency sampling points and operators and chem techs were obviously trained and qualified on these. This was all assuming events that were "design basis events" and in later years for some analyzed "beyond design basis events". What is occuring in Japan is outside of any analyzed event
Many plants had made virtual plant tour videos of normally inaccessible parts of the plant (eg in a BWR, many areas in the turbine building are inacessible or have restricted access when the plant is operating) for work planning and modification purposes. I do not know if the Japanese utilities had these or not. (It has been many years since I've been in a Japanese reactor!!)
Thanks RealWing,

As you stated, "outside of any analyzed event" must be really frustrating for you, Astronuc and other experts in this thread. One would hope, but not expect the general public to understand. I never am failed to be amazed at critical moments in history, the Apollo 13 rescue effort comes to mind, how the best minds can improvise solutions to seemingly impossible situations. I hope history repeats itself here. I hope that all necessary expertise will be brought to bear to relieve the short term crisis and to come up with a long term solution.