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Sep25-04, 10:30 AM
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The wish that mankind ceased to exist
Quote Quote by KaneOris
Id press the button without thinking twice
The bad people in this world out weigh the good
And everyone in this world has killed. Wether it be another person or a fly.
Balancing 'good' versus 'bad'
I don't agree. Firstly I don't think bad acts equilize good acts. One night of having good sex can make up a week without. It's a filter I use purposely. A sun rising can make me more happy, a biting dog less. I am using my own standards to balance 'good' and 'bad', in relation with something absolute it neglects the subjective character of morality. How many bad people do you know? How many good? How do you define bad people?

What is 'good' or 'bad'?
I could have been a Hugo Chavez, or a mother Theresa... I am definitely not in the position to judge others. Would I consider myself as 'bad' or as 'good'? A hamster killing his fellow mate in a small cage, is he 'bad'? Have you read Morris about the similarity of humans in our society and animals in zoos?

Personally, I wouldn't press the button. The better I understand the value of my subjective view I can prefer the value of my own life, my own decisions (probably you prefer to choose about this situation yourself too ). I ceased to try to be objective. I don't think my life has a purpose except for me and the ones that surround me. If it serves something I don't know, it doesn't alter my sense of usefulness of my life. If something profits of my existence, let it be...