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Apr23-11, 02:32 PM
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Yes, it is tragically sad for me to have such vastly low standards. I think I might have to make up for my plunging esteem with a threesome.

In all seriousness, though, I think there's value in all people and not talking to anyone because you feel like you have vastly inflated belief in how interesting or intelligent you are is robbing yourself of a lot of potential knowledge. And sexual partners, for that matter, but I'm a troglodyte after all.
Easy there skipper, don't get your towline in a tangle.

There's the key difference - I do not see value in all or most people. It doesn't have to do with my traits, but I do have taste and opinions and that extends to other people.

Generally most guys evaluate a girl on the sole factor of whether she's hot or not. I guess I just grew out of that highschool mentality and a persons character is of huge importance to me, although there also has to be physical attraction. I need someone who can challenge me, whether that's intellectually or physically or on any other number of levels. I don't see why you're offended by my comment - lots of empty headed girls out there who I'm not interested in - more for you!