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Apr24-11, 03:45 PM
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You may have to accept the fact that you don't have what it takes to pull off this relationship.
I have so far, and she has stated that her parents will have no effect on whether or not we marry.

See a shrink.

They can help you overcome your obvious denial
My denial of what?

and give you exercises to help you fit in better socially.
Read more carefully. I have stated, numerous times, that I can fit in socially perfectly well (after years of practice, and tips from a cousin who is a psychologist), but that it is emotionally costly for me, so I only do it sparingly, when I have a very good reason to do so.

From what I can see here, her parents have the right attitude.
Hating someone for not simultaneously schmoozing with a large number of people is unreasonable, to say the least.

I talked with her uncle quite a bit. If that's not good enough, then tough ****.

I wouldn't want you dating my daughter either.
I wouldn't want to date your daughter, unless she takes after her mother, with her mother being a hell of a lot different than you are.

You need to man up already and seek the professional help you need instead of seeking validation under the guise of cerebral discourse.
You need to man up and stop being a bigot.

I dare you to go to some gay pride event and try to sell your conformity excrement sandwich there.