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Apr25-11, 12:38 AM
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This link was found on a political site I frequent. The blogger has posted a screenshot of an EPA database search showing high levels of radioactive iodine in rainwater of some US cities. he is suggesting this is a consequence of the Japan disaster. The data itself appears to be legit, though I am skeptical of his interpretations. For one, he is comparing EPA standards for drinking water to rainwater. Two, though many of the listings are from this year, a large number seems to be from 2004 (which "begs" the questions ((using that in the colloquial sense, not the rhetorical sense)) what happened in 2004?). Nevertheless, these levels from a laymen's point of view seem to be quite high. Thinking skeptically, it would seem that this should be bigger news. Can anyone shed some light on this and put this data in context? Thanks.
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