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Tregg Smith
Apr29-11, 09:51 AM
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Looking through this forum, it seems that many guys here are asking questions from a relatively lost, helpless perspective. They seem afraid to talk to girls, unsure of how to meet them and without the confidence to think that these women might be attracted to them.

The question: who has ever walked up to an attractive woman and started a conversation from nothing?

Corollary: if you're having girl problems, what's stopping you? Is it anything more than nerves/low self-esteem?
I agree with all that. Believe it or not most women actually want to meet someone but not someone with bad breath, green teeth, fingernails like broken claws and who smells like cigarettes and dirty laundry. Many times the woman who seems cold is just afraid and putting on a front and if you just say hello in a non threatening way she will come around. But don't be too foward. Say a little on one occasion then a little more until she feels confident you are not a perv. Try to appear as a gentleman. See Matt Damon in Hearafter. It is a compliment and assurance that she is desirable for a man to just walk up and start small talk-or even to give her a look. Wouldn't you feel the same? But you have to look decent unless of course she also is a slum dog. I kind of like slum dog bitches. And BTW be tactful in how you talk. If you only work off a beet wagon say you're in agriculture. Don't lie but be a salesman.