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May5-11, 08:57 PM
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Long time lurker here. I enjoy the open discourse. I haven't really had anything to contribute until now. My partner who is Japanese brought this blog post to my attention. It is from Taro Kono, who is in the house of representatives (LDP, opposition to current government):

In particular this section:


『細野補佐官から,本件は熱交換機の設置といった次のステップに進む上で非常に重要である,また,(今後,放射性物質が外に排出され得るという点で,) 汚染水排出の際の失敗を繰り返さないよう,関係者は情報共有を密に行い,高い感度を持って取り組んで欲しい,とする発言があった。』"

Translation (non-literal and our understanding):

I received 3 emails with attachments from junior government officials in the energy department.

The first email:
Minutes of meeting between TEPCO and the government on the 1st May.
"If the current situation continues, high density radiation will be released on the 8th May."
"Mr Hosono said: It is very important to go to the next step regarding the installation of the heat exchanger machine. For the concerned parties, be careful of the sharing of information with high sensitivity so that the same mistakes aren't made again like the release of the radiated water previously.

The second and third emails aren't related so we didn't translate it. It isn't clear from the text the way the radiation will be released. ie airborne or via water.

The aforementioned energy department English homepage is this:

Perhaps those who are following the work and/or parameters of the reactors could hypothesise what they are thinking about doing.
Perhaps this is related to the temperature rise discussed earlier in reactor 3.
TEPCO on Wednesday has increased the flow of water to that reactor to 9 tons/hr from 7 tons/hr.
Clearly the situation remains far from stable.
With the water in the plant and the reactor temperatures both rising, maybe there should be a reappraisal of the strategy.