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May18-11, 04:43 PM
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Yet, even still, was his point: that we (in western religions at least) have essentially transposed that notion of "Mother Goddess" unto Mary, "The Mother of GOD." Which, if you are Catholic, has a lot of personal significance.
Ok, I understand , but what is the fact ? We did put 1 women to status of divinity while we
robed all the others from most of their civil rights. What is this supposed to mean ? Is this supposed to be some kind of math I dont understand ? 1 Women raised in myth, billions oppressed for millenniums. It doesn't add up to me to anything even remotely close to a "innate need" for enthroning women. Myabe Im just blind, but I can not see how can we have this desire innate, and at the same time do what we did as a society.

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I disagree. Maybe not for the purposes of basic physical evolution--as in being able to swim and climb out of primordial ooze; and then to be able to pass that ability on to subsequent generations--but perhaps still, in some type of psychological evolutionary sense.
Care to develop a bit on this Francis please ? Im not sure I get what you want to say.