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May28-03, 12:13 PM
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This is a carry over from a discussion with M. Gaspar regarding God, "The Great Outsider" ...

Originally posted by Iacchus32
Originally posted by M. Gaspar
And if the Universe is truly "eternal", then it doesn't need a "creator".
And yet what if the Universe was a manifestation of that "Eternal Creator?"

And who created the "Creator"?
And yet what if our essence (soul) lived on unto Eternity? Then wouldn't that imply there was an Eternal Creator (in essence) who created us?

Not necessarily. It could mean that the Universe ITSELF has a "Spirit"... of which OURS is a part (if, indeed, "spirit" exists).
So what if God were the within of the without? Just as I am the within of my without?

If my premise is correct -- that the Universe is a living, conscious Entity -- AND, if "spirit" exists as well, then, yes, it would be "within" every part of the Entity...just as I say consciousness may be.

But if the Universe has a "spiritual" component (in addition to physical and mental), do we have to call the aggregate of the spiritual "substance" "God"???

"God" is a loaded word...with all sorts of suppositions and embellishments "weighing it down" (for me).

Why not just call the Universe a living, conscious and SPIRITUAL Being that EVOLVING with -- and through -- the rest of us (and everything else ). Instead of "praying"...why not just "communicate"? Instead of "worshipping"...why not just "appreciate"?

Why do we, as a species, overdo the "hero worship", becoming transfixed on personalities, stories and rituals that, IMO, distract from our "relationship" with our "Source"? Any clues?
The within of the without is "the life," it is the spirit, it is the essence and, it is conscious(ness).

The reason why God might appear to be the "Great Outsider" (or even non-existent) is due to our "external perception," for which reason we fail to realize that God "resides within," the within of everything, even the within which is without (i.e., our range of external perception).

In other words, if we weren't so caught up in our "external existence," we would realize that God does not reside without, but within, in which case God becomes the "Great Insider."

As for this hero worship thing, I think it's due to a lack of maturity, or perhaps a sense of having no control (hence certainty) over one's life. Neither do I think we need to put people up on pedestals, even God Himself! ... as God is not looking for "suck ups."

When someone claims that "God created the Universe", would not that "God" be, by definition, an "Outsider"?

What it "spirit" anyway? Any ideas? I "know" there's a PHYSICAL "plane". And I "know" there's a CONSCIOUS "plane". And I "prefer to think" that there's a SPIRITUAL "plane"...but I'm not exactly how to characterize it.

Do we need a new thread for this...or could you make a stab at a definition here?

Without waiting for your definition, let me say that if there IS a "spiritual" component to the Universe, then it "resides" -- like CONSCIOUSNESS -- in Everything That Is...great or small.

Yes, starting a new a thread might be a good idea ...
Anybody have any replies? ... Comments? ...
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