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May25-11, 01:21 AM
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And as a matter of fact, was it because Tepco management knew already something was already really bad from the containment standpoint that they spent 3 more hours to discuss before venting (or trying to vent)? Were they scared by this venting because of what they knew? Did the government knew it also?

This is a very important point. Because that kind of deliberate lie by not telling what they know or believe to know is kind of criminal when you consider the kind of subjects we are talking about, where the state of a reactor being breeched or not can imply different decisions for safety and health standpoint.

So I'm wondering: they lied, but to whom?

I'm also wondering: what will be their next move? Will they reveal that N2 and N3 got also hit by earthquake?
Japanese are a nation of honor, they do not lie; however not divulging facts to them is not lying and if not asked directly they will not reveal voluntary. Japanese (as a matter of fact all Asians) in their mentality will aways try and give a better scenario and more pleasing story than actually is. If this mindset is correct for nuclear managers that I doubt very much.

(It is known that co-pilots at Korean Air would say to the captain: "It is fine weather out there today, is it not captain?" actually meaning "Captain, it is dangerous to fly through that massive thunder storm ahead!")

Having said that and noting the resources spent in arranging a close looped cooling system by flooding reactor 1, I can only conclude that the radiation reports of the 11th evening were ignored, not considered or even not known to the planners of unit 1 cooling. Only once their flooding preparation started, only then they noticed things are not as expected which resulted in going through all the available data and brain storming sessions and new insight was found.