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Oct7-04, 09:27 AM
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=russ_watters]Did those witnesses say anything? Present any evidence? On his website it suggests they don't. Did you watch the video or read the book?
Ive read his main body of evidence, he has about 100 ex-government witnesses, some of them hold very impressive positions of rank. Every witness statement is acompanied with the name and position of the person that made the statement. There are also many declassified documents that are supplied.

The thing about Greer's evidence is it stands on it's own merits, if any of his witnesses had been misquoted or Greer had simply fabricated these statements, it wouldnt take long for one of his witnesses to speak out or atempt to sue him. But none of this has happened. I think we can assume that the witnesses are genuine, could the witnesses be lying? its doubtful but its possible, but thats not something that can attributed to Greer.

For your use of the word "credibility" - the whole point of credibility is that it allows you to make judgements for future reference. Based on Greer's lack of credibility (and thats a pretty generous characterization), you can indeed assume the next thing he brings to the table will be similarly useless. This applies to the cold fusion debate (P&F got the attention they did at the time because of their high credibility - but the knife cuts both ways...), UFO/UFOology debate (eyewitness testimony is the least credible of any type of evidence) and many of our other debates as well. If you mean that you should always listen to everything everyone has to say (to be open minded), credibility plays no role at all.
Id like you to define 'credibility' what actually makes a person credible?
Credibility is a very illusive and illusionary thing to my mind.
personally i couldnt care less if Greer looks for faries in his back garden, alot of physicists are christians and believe in mircles and the power of jesus, does that make their work worthless? of course not.