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M. Gaspar
May29-03, 07:02 AM
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Originally posted by Zero
Could be...things that you don't percieve simply don't exist? In either case, things which you cannot percieve are 'practically' nonexistant; you cannot make observations, therefore you are wasting your time trying to define their properties. It is nothing more than a huge game of 'what if?', and you get to fill in whatever answer satisfies you.
Where were YOU when we first "saw" an atom (via the scanning tunneling microscope maybe 30 years ago) after CENTURIES about it's (the atom's) speculated existence.

We can't "see" black holes -- which, by the way, were speculated upon in 1783 -- yet most cosmologists swear by them now.

Although there are many "things" we cannot "see"...we can THINK ABOUT THEM perfectly well.