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Jun27-11, 09:53 PM
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A person that is training his family to kill their neighbors because they think the economy will crash and food will disappear and their neighbors will come after their food.

The *experts: You might want to better hide your complex and increase your numbers, otherwise you have done a great job of preparing for survival.

Watching this I feel at some point they will announce that it's just a sick joke. But with only a few minutes left, I guess not.

The next family is preparing for a nuclear holocaust on Omaha, Nebraska by terrorists. If Omaha is hit by nukes, he has a backpack with what he needs for 72 hours to get to his bunker. ROFL!!!

In the event of a nuclear holocaust, it's nice to have a comfortable place to saty. We have ramen and mac n cheese.
He also has small children that are subjected to this insanity.

The expert says this is a great idea, you just need more water.