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Jun28-11, 09:38 PM
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Saying nobody expected the levees to break is an exaggeration. In fact, the fear of the levees breaking was one of the reasons for trying to evacuate the entire city.

It is true that many of the people that stayed didn't believe the levees would break. Or that believed they could take care of themselves and weather it out in their attic. Hence the other warnings also put out on TV that those foolish enough to try to weather it out in their attic should at least take something with them so they could cut through the roof when the water got too high.

And, even some of those that believed there was a possibility of the levees breaking stayed - either because of a lack of transportation or because they were afraid someone would loot their house while they were gone.

The possibility of the levees breaking was no surprise to the overwhelming majority of people in the town. It was only a surprise to those that refused to believe the warnings.

I would be shocked if there were even one household that was prepared to evacuate in an emergency that found their supplies suddenly ruined because the levees broke.
Bob, you live in Colorado, how much food have you stockpiled?

And no more hurricanes and tornadoes, this is about wacko armageddon. Any more off topic posts will be deleted and infractions given.