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Jul2-11, 03:58 AM
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The reason of doing econ is for its financial viability later on in life.
i would be wasting my time in Physics if i shift to econ after my physics undergrad since i want to pursue research in it(Physics)

but say for example,
after doing my econ undergrad and then postgrad.
Can i enroll in for a Physics degree again later on in life.

since Physics is a passion for me more than a means to earn a living.
and i want to study it as its my dream.
so what can you say on that.

i know,considering how economics is spoken through the language of mathematics and its variables. its sad its not as important as it is in a physics or engineering course.
apart from that,
what other options do i have after doing my undergrad in econ?
what are the technical options available to me?