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Jul20-11, 08:20 AM
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Since heterosexuals vastly outnumbers the others any survey would be mostly influenced by their picks. Also I didn't say that people are just out for looks today, how well you work as a team is also a part of personal attraction.
So everything not physical is still part of personal attraction but cooking is somehow different

And no, I did the rational thing of looking at what is different between 1930 and 1970. A major difference is how women got out of the household, so I hypothesize that it would be the major reason for the change in peoples opinions. It is expected that as other factors diminish looks would get more important so I conclude that my hypothesis holds for that argument.
You have nothing to demonstrate that your hypothesis is true. The idea that because one factor goes down others must increase in importance is unsubstantiated. Things can become a non-issue without raising the importance of anything else.

Now, can you please stop assuming that I talked in absolutes and instead understand that when people talk about statistical data they almost always talk about statistical differences. Like if I say that women are better at languages I don't mean that all women are better than all men at it but that on average they are better. The 1930's man probably didn't think like that, no, but he most likely valued cooking higher than the average modern man would.
I see no reason to agree with this considering you have actually demonstrated any statistics at all.